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"I purchased Furnitology 101 today at my local Rockler store while picking up some supplies for my next project. I just spent a very delightful and inspiring 1 1/2 hours watching your DVD and plan on repeating it later tonight. Again I enjoy your style and approach. The video and production work are great. I really like how you guide the viewer thru the entire process. This is directly applicable to any project. I also appreciated how you introduced and emphasized simple production techniques and shop efficiency. I will never look at another sheet of cherry plywood in the same way! One thing I will immediately put in my process is to "look for the design elements" and to "see what this panel [or piece of lumber] has to offer". I did some of this on my last project my picking matching grain on the frames and putting the best out front. I noticed a much more uniform and interesting presentation compared to the last project. Well, I dare say I am looking forward to Furintology 102! Any plans on producing some electives" such as veneering?


- David P. , Portland Oregon


"I really enjoyed the video. The background music was great. I'm an amatuer
so I'll need to view it more than once. I thought the seconf half went to fast,
but overall I would give it a 9 on a one to ten scale.

Let me know when the next one is available.


- Lee N. Des Moines, Iowa


"Furnitology 101 is a very worthwhile lesson for those interested in
constructing furniture. The title implies beginning steps which it does
cover, but it goes up through making and finishing a fairly complex cabinet
with full drawers and hardware. You may have to review some parts a few
times but the effort is worth it. I recommend it highly."


- Frank M. Bayport, NY


Hello Neil,

Your DVD arrived and I have just watched my first pass through it.

Congratulations on a fine piece of work!


John H. Austin, TX


I just came from the premier of “Furnitology 101” and it is a smash hit.

You have a great flow as you undertake each step of the project and you are a guy who obviously knows what he’s doing in the shop. The chest-of-drawers is a great project to use for the regular Joe’s out there who want to do some fine woodworking.

…an excellent job of producing a quality video presentation. You put together a “How To” video that is very down to earth.


- Joe M. Commack, NY


I just finished watching your wonderful video and was glued to the chair. At no time was I ever bored for it kept my interest all the way through. All shots are clear and concise as is the flow of the whole project. I love your choice of music and the filming is almost flawless.


- Fred G. West Islip, NY


Great job! Please add me to the top of your list for the next Furnitology video.

I learned more in the first two-three chapters about various aspects of the craft than I ever expected, and I even added two new words to my vocabulary: "furnitology" and "furnitologist".

I'm also confident that I can use many of the techniques demonstrated in your video to build other pieces of furniture as well.

Your video was absolutely wonderful, and a real credit to the craft of building furniture.


-Bill V., Springfield, Virginia


"It was easy to follow, well-organized, and made me want to continue to the
next step. The producer understands the materials, the process, and the
viewer's needs. He is a craftsman who makes you feel like one too. I was
very satisfied with the results, and look forward to trying the otherancem
Furnitology videos."


- George M. Holbrook, NY