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At Furnitology Productions, we’re about design, proper materials, and the  equipment you likely have in your woodworking shop (eg. table saw, routers, band saw, sabre saw, glue, clamps, wood lathe) with all operations leading to the production of a quality woodworking project. See Why...




Neil Lamens passed from this earth on
September 19th, 2012. 

Neil was the founder of Furnitology Productions and his passion for fine woodworking was the driving force behind its success. He was a master craftsman and the beauty of the work he created made that clear to anyone seeing it for the first time.  For those who knew Neil, there was no secret that his charismatic persona was forged into every piece he created.  He was always happy to be in his woodshop turning wood into works of art and the pieces he left us are a testament to that. Neil was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all. He had a great life augmented by the love of his family and friends.

We hope the pages of this website will remind everyone of
Neil's talent and passion for his craft. 

Neil Lamens 1955 - 2012



Furnitology Productions, our mission is to push the home gamer (aka: you - the Village Cabinetmaker) to higher levels of cabinetmaking craftsmanship through the use of the “How to… video”and a solid woodworking plan.

We believe you don’t have to possess the newest tool in the shed. But rather have the courage to stick your ego out on the ledge and have your personal creative genius critiqued with each furniture making accomplishment. Much like woodworking itself, I happen to love that process. Similar to the sentiment expressed by sometime woodworker and President, Teddy Roosevelt:

Far better it is to dare mighty projects and feel glorious accomplishment even though there’s a spattering of failure along the way, then to just hang out and not continually test your woodworking techniques.

Not much in life is better than to step back, observe and feel the emotion of a completed build, especially if resulting from downloadable plans. Rembrandt would build pictures with wooden frames and oil paints. Today, some individuals like building motorcycles, others enjoy building businesses, however, we are all about teaching you how to build fine wooden cabinetry using the how to video as a wood working tool. This DVD will surely make you a better woodworker.

    If you’re looking for a cerebral approach to woodworking, the homemade hand plane left the shop. It’s now a collectable in the living room. No, this  “How to woodworking  DVD” is here to educate you towards building the fine, finer, and finest furniture using basic power tool techniques and contemporary materials for today’s cabinetmaking.  

    At Furnitology Productions, we’re about design, proper materials, downloadable plans, and the equipment you likely have in your woodworking shop (eg. table saw, routers, band saw, sabre saw, glue, clamps, wood lathe) with all operations leading to the production of quality wood working projects.

      Are we going to show you how to spray lacquer?……….NO! it’s not on the DVD. We are wood working in homes… you have no business spraying lacquer without proper safety preparation; not just ventilation and storage, but proper environmental disposal of the lacquer dust too. All parts of a good wood working plan. We’re quite practical and believers in Buckminster Fuller’s “Starship Earth” at Furnitology Productions.

      We limit our evaporants to a nice safe multi-coat oil finish topped with a fine hand rubbed paste wax. Down the road we’ll have the proper wood working plan that requires an aniline dye and shellac finish. Off the top of my head…something maple. But for now, lets just concentrate on the techniques of fine woodworking and look for a free wood working plan later.

       My design style is buzzed around as, “Transitional”. My personal genius calls it “using contemporary materials and hardware to build and incorporate traditional icons in the overall design”. This video will expose you to a design style that will have you teetering in and out of Furniture History. It’s fun to be a woodworker in this style.

        So grab your downloadable plans, your how to video and lets get started on some cabinetmaking projects!

Neil's blog and vlog


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